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Platform API Project Setup

Get started setting up your Opdex Platform API environment.



The Platform API uses MySql v8.0 databases for its operations. This can be setup locally or hosted.

Schema and scripts for database management can be found in the Opdex V1 DB Repository

Cirrus Full Node

A Cirrus Full node with Address Indexing is required to facilitate the necessary queries to support the Platform UI client. Address Indexing allows the retrieval of CRS balances.


Use the Stratis.CirrusMinerD project to run the full node with dotnet run -devmode=miner -addressindex -txindex

Testnet or Mainnet

Use the Stratis.CirrusD project to run the full node with dotnet run -addressindex -txindex and optionally with -testnet.

Azure SignalR Service

An Azure SIgnalR service is required currently and is used to push transaction based notifications to connected clients through web sockets.

Coin Market Cap

Coin Market Cap API is used to synchronize STRAX USD prices in order to calculate the rest of the API’s USD prices. Currently DEVNET makes a request every 15 minutes, TESTNET and MAINNET are every minute, so a paid tier is required.


Configurations and secrets need to be set according to the environment and network you want to run the API in.

Create your environment secrets file using dotnet user-secrets set <key> <value> for each of the properties below or create the JSON file yourself.

Auth Configuration

  • Opdex:SigningKey - JWT signing key (UTF-8 string 16 bytes or more)
  • AdminKey - Admin access key
  • Issuer - API url issuer of JWT (auth server).
  • StratisSignatureAuth:CallbackPath - Auth endpoint callback path.


  • SignalR:ConnectionString - Azure service connection string to push web notifications.

Cirrus Configuration

  • ApiUrl - The URL of the hosted full node.
  • ApiPort - The port of the full node to call.

Coin Market Cap Configuration

  • ApiKey - Coin Market Cap API Key
  • ApiUrl - The API url for CMC.
  • HeaderName - Coin Market Cap required API Key header.

Database Configuration

  • ConnectionString - Used to connect to an environment’s Platform DB.

Encryption Configuration

  • Key - Encryption key (UTF-8 string 32 bytes)

Feature Management

  • AuthServer - True or False for auth and JWT handling.
  • CoinMarketCapPriceFeed - True or False, false falls back on Coin Gecko checking pricing less frequently.


  • Locked - True or False, locks the API from requests during maintenance.

Opdex Configuration

  • ApiUrl - The domain that will be hosting this API used for client callbacks.
  • WalletTransactionCallback - The endpoint to use when a wallet broadcasts a transaction to the blockchain.

Example Configuration

  "AuthConfiguration:AdminKey": "fd45866cbc914d9e862e99240c6add99",
  "AuthConfiguration:Issuer": "",
  "AuthConfiguration:Opdex:SigningKey": "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",
  "AuthConfiguration:StratisSignatureAuth:CallbackPath": "auth",
  "Azure:SignalR:ConnectionString": "Endpoint=<signalr-endpoint>;AccessKey=<access-key>;Version=1.0;",
  "CirrusConfiguration:ApiPort": "0",
  "CirrusConfiguration:ApiUrl": "",
  "CoinMarketCapConfiguration:ApiKey": "0cc23bbd5496430d9f7b5efd659e008c",
  "CoinMarketCapConfiguration:ApiUrl": "",
  "CoinMarketCapConfiguration:HeaderName": "X-CMC_PRO_API_KEY",
  "DatabaseConfiguration:ConnectionString": "Server=<server>; Port=3306; Database=<db-name>; Uid=<id>; Pwd=<pwd>",
  "EncryptionConfiguration:Key": "H,|!<8X(EfBb(}KT",
  "FeatureManagement:AuthServer": "True",
  "FeatureManagement:CoinMarketCapPriceFeed": "True",
  "IpRateLimiting:IpWhitelist:1": "",
  "MaintenanceConfiguration:Locked": "False",
  "OpdexConfiguration:ApiUrl": "",
  "OpdexConfiguration:Network": "MAINNET",
  "OpdexConfiguration:WalletTransactionCallback": "/transactions"


The Platform API indexes Opdex related transactional data while also serving indexed data back to consumers.

To initiate the indexing, a fresh database must be available that is unpopulated other than data instantiated via creation scripts.

POST/ to indexer/resync-from-deployment as an admin and provide the applicabale transaction hashes to kick off the indexing process.

  • Make sure that the index_lock.Available databse column is set to true to allow indexing, false will pause indexing.
  • This may take a while to sync from deployment to chain tip.
  • Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko rate limits will affect sync times.