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👋 Get Started

Here you will find guides to start using Opdex, as well as more detailed technical documentation about the Opdex protocol.

Start Using

Opdex Desktop is a downloadable program supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. The program reads data directly from the Cirrus blockchain while the user runs Cirrus Core, the official wallet of the Cirrus Chain.

Opdex desktop does not use or store any private information, instead, it will build QR codes that can be used within Cirrus Core to build and submit desired transactions while keeping all private data hidden from Opdex Desktop.


Start Learning

Continue on to find more detailed technical documentation related to the Opdex protocols.

💬 Smart Contracts

Start learning about Opdex smart contracts at the protocol level. Smart contracts are separated into two repositories.

View Audits

Core Protocol

The core protocol consists of required contracts for markets, liquidity pools and routers. Read More

Governance Protocol

The governance protocol consists of contracts making up the ODX token, mining governance and vault smart contracts. Read More

🚦 API References

Opdex APIs can be hosted to add additional functionality to the web based UI.

✋ Join the Community

Join the community via our social media channels and reach out for additional integration assistance or technical questions about the project.

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