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Auth API Project Setup

Get started setting up your Opdex Auth API environment.



The Platform API uses MySql v8.0 databases for its operations. This can be setup locally or hosted.

Schema and scripts for database management can be found in the Opdex Auth DB Repository

Cirrus Full Node

A Cirrus Full node is required to facilitate the message signature validations required to verify a user has properly signed auth messages.


Use the Stratis.CirrusMinerD project to run the full node with dotnet run -devmode=miner

Testnet or Mainnet

Use the Stratis.CirrusD project to run the full node with dotnet run and optionally with -testnet.

Azure SignalR Service

An Azure SIgnalR service is required currently and is used to push auth tokens back to clients who have successfully signed an authorization message.


Configurations and secrets need to be set according to the environment and network you want to run the API in.

Create your environment secrets file using dotnet user-secrets set <key> <value> for each of the properties below or create the JSON file yourself.

  • Authority - Hosted Auth API URL
  • Azure:SignalR:ConnectionString - Connection string to Azure SignalR
  • Cirrus:ApiUrl - URL to hosted Cirrus node.
  • Database:ConnectionString - Connection string to database.
  • Encryption:Key - Secret encryption key.
  • IpRateLimiting:IpWhitelist:1 - Optional rate limiting IP whitelist.
  • Jwt:SigningKeyName - Any string, consider “opdex”
  • Jwt:SigningKeyVersion - Secret version key (GUID)
  • Prompt - Auth client URL for redirects.

Example Configuration

    "Authority": "",
    "Azure:SignalR:ConnectionString": "Endpoint=<signalr-endpoint>;AccessKey=<access-key>;Version=1.0;",
    "Cirrus:ApiUrl": "",
    "Database:ConnectionString": "Server=<server>; Port=3306; Database=<db-name>; Uid=<id>; Pwd=<pwd>",
    "Encryption:Key": "H,|!<8X(EfBb(}KT",
    "IpRateLimiting:IpWhitelist:1": "",
    "Jwt:SigningKeyName": "opdex",
    "Jwt:SigningKeyVersion": "51d51483ec3947318877a8571cddff98",
    "Prompt": ""