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Liquidity mining is when users utilize held OLPT to farm for new governance tokens such as ODX tokens.

Mining is enabled on a per liquidity pool basis managed by the mining governance. When a liquidity pool has mining enabled, liquidity providers of that pool can leverage their existing positions and mine for new ODX tokens.

Mining rewards are based on weight, meaning the more OLPT used for mining by a user, the higher percentage of ODX mining rewards they’ll receive. Rewards can be collected at any time during the process and positions can be exited at any time without penalty.

Start Mining

Liquidity mining requires OLPT to participate. Users can move their OLPT into mining pools at any time, even prior to mining being enabled. When OLPT are deposited for liquidity mining, their mining weight is recorded and they will be in position for liquidity mining when it is enabled or immediately begin mining if it is already enabled.

Collecting Rewards

Mining rewards can be collected at any time without exiting your position. This gives you the option of collecting mining rewards to use for staking as frequently as you like.

Stop Mining

Mining can be stopped at any time by providing the amount of tokens to stop mining with. The amount can be a partial amount or a full amount and any rewards earned will also be collected within the same transaction.